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What should our racers expect on the day*?

The Challenge is a 5 mile mud and obstacle run that will test your mind as well as your body.

Yes, we have military grade obstacles.  BUT, we also have brain busting logic puzzles throughout the course.

Sample of what to expect:

• 5+ miles, multiple terrains

• Lily Pads (unstable water bridge)

• Spinning monkey bars

• Knife throwing challenge

• Blackout tunnel – a dark, wet tunnel crawl with an electrifying twist

• Rope challenges (cargo nets, swings, etc.)

• Logic puzzles / brain teasers (got to exercise your mind also)

• “WTF”!  A full 12 FOOT vertical wall challenge

• Karate America board breaking challenge

•  Final Gauntlet – multiple short, quick obstacles in succession right up to the finish line

*Please note obstacles may vary from location to location


All parking will be at the Speedway (follow the signs). It is $10 per car.